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滋潤乳木果蜜糖皂 Shea Butter Cupcake soap

消費積分: 1800

滋潤乳木果蜜糖皂 Shea Butter Cupcake soap


ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil etc.



它會增加皮膚屏障性,修復肌膚及抗發炎, 敏感或濕疹人士恩物,



Shea butter: is the most moisturizing vegetable fat known, we use South Africa to produce this soap,

Shea is loved by locals in South Africa and has an effective healing effect. Locals use it to heal sunburn.

It increases the barrier of the skin, repairs the skin and resists inflammation, sensitive skin or eczema could also use.

At the same time, it is also being main ingredients of major beauty brands products, its power can not be ignored.

Our soap uses the EU's recommended maximum of 28% of shea, the level of moisture is irreplaceable.

蜜糖: 蜜糖皂的護膚效果長久以來一直極受肯定,





Honey: The skin care effect of honey soap has been highly recognized for a long time.

Because it is similar to glycerin, it can effectively absorb and transport moisture to the bottom layer of the skin.

It is no exaggeration to make the skin perfect! In addition, it also can antibacterial,

The function of protecting the skin. Honey's mineral nutrients and its high moisturizing effect,

There is also a touch of honey sweetness.

#極緻滋潤 #修復肌膚 #預防敏感


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